Friday, September 28, 2012


It's no secret that I love IKEA, the mere thought of this place exhausts mortal shoppers. Every time I visit, I go through the showroom and revel at what they've done with the teeny-tiny "Living in 300 SF" spaces. Somehow, they manage to make me feel like abandoning my spacious home for a more simple flat in fabulous Paris or London. Who wouldn't? Below are some amazing spaces that might make you feel the same longing for a Littler-Life.

Always make sure each piece is multiuse.

 Use larger patterns and graphics on fabrics, furniture or walls. Think Grand. 

 A generously scaled sofa, mirror, chair, rug, or piece of furniture will trick the eye.

 Add a wall of mirrors. Immediately the space will seem exponentially larger 

Paint it a dark glossy color or cover the walls in a deep, sumptuous velvet, felt, or wool makings sure to add many different sources of light to create a soft atmosphere.


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