Thursday, February 28, 2013


I had a chance this week to visit the newly combined and renovated Lee Jofa, Kravet, and Brunschwig & Fils. The space is huge, and colorful and beautiful. I encourage everyone to pop in to see the beautiful textiles and furniture!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


As a designer, I spend a lot of time helping clients reign-in and define their personal style. But hard as it is to find another person's style, it can be even more difficult for a designer herself to define. Being aware of the trends that come and go as well as the new products and applications a designer is privy to, no wonder a designer's home is never finished. As the saying goes "the cobbler's son has no shoes."

When my special Celebrity Edition of Architectural digest found itself in my mailbox, I tore through the pages like a box of mixed variety chocolates stopping to taste the delectable New York home of Brook Shields. This apartment reflects my style almost perfectly.

Beautiful gray-blue walls with Louis XVI style side chairs with a pop of green on this perfectly neutral palette.
Image: Architectural Digest

 Traditional furniture pieces accented with quirky art by Hunt Slonem and pops of coral on pillows and a single side-bench.
 Image: Architectural Digest

Traditional French, made modern again with a bold chandelier and Zuber’s Les Lointains wallpaper.  
Image: Architectural Digest
I love reclaimed details including this dining table with a marble top and a set of white-lacquered antique-style chairs. 
Image: Architectural Digest

This master suite is so light and luxurious with light greys and fresh blues, and who can resist marble!
Image: Architectural Digest

A cozy home office with green accents and vintage motifs.
Image: Architectural Digest

One can never go wrong with a Louis Vuitton trunk and a zebra hide rug to complete a space. 
 Image: Architectural Digest

A design  style does not have to fit into one category, it can combine a few or incorporate many. Just be sure to make it your own and your home will undoubtedly be a comfortable place that you love.

Still not sure? Take this quiz from HGTV 

Here's what HGTV says about my Personal Design Style.

Your design style is mixed. Call it traditional elegance meets modern lines. In your home, sophisticated looks contrast perfectly with updated twists. For example, "You might find the classic lines of a Louis XV chair in a dining room set with a modern textured fabric," suggests Julie Rackley, an interior designer in Bellevue, Washington.
The best color palettes for your look include dark browns and soothing neutrals. Rich accent colors complete the mixed antique modern look: tapestry blues, muted blue-greens, champagne and warm peachy tones. Your style includes a range of fabrics from silk to mohair to linen to velvet.
Your style isn't the only thing with a combination approach: your space is perfect for anything from entertaining friends and family to intimate gatherings around the kitchen table.

Design Tips for Sophisticated

To add a touch of elegance to your home d├ęcor by investing in just one luxurious item to contrast against a more modern backdrop – a crystal lamp in your bedroom, a Persian run in the front entry, an antique cherry desk in your office or perhaps a deep red velvet chair with carved wood armrests and feet by the living room fireplace.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


 Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all have a wonderfully enchanted day. XOXO 


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