Thursday, November 8, 2012


With Bryan being away for five days, I've had a lot of time to play design catch-up and brainstorm new ideas. A late night phone call came from Bryan from the GSA Annual Convention letting me know that graduate advisers had informed him that UT Galveston would offer all of the graduate programs he would be interested in.

Now, I love my house in Dallas, it's our first home, and we've completely renovated it to our specific liking, but one can't help dream of what it must be like to live in and remodel a Historic home, à la Frank Lloyd Wright, near the beach, even if it is in Galveston, Texas. The beach is still the beach.

 If only this house were right on the beach.

 Light, airy feeling with beam details and mini craftsman pendants.

 Beautiful Prairie windows that open up to the ocean air.

Coastal seating Arts & Crafts detail in the mantle, mirror resembles a port-hole.

 Shower off outside after a morning of surfing, if there were any.

... I'm only dreaming. CHEERS

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